Backdrop Choices

           Transform any room from average into amazing  by adding ceiling decor!! 
                ( Ceiling decor can be added for an additional charge and is not considered a backdrop )

We are adding pipe and drape to our backdrop collection.


   Up to 14 tall columns (6 and 7 foot tall) that can be decorated mutiple ways to give your event an elegant look. We have 4 short columns (4 foot tall) to hold urns of green plants or custom designed floral arrangements to match your event. Backlighting can be added to enhance your backdrop design.


   White lattice panels AND/OR White lattice arch with matching fencing decorated in your personal color scheme with tulle, greenery and floral. Framed on each end with white lattice floral stands and matching floral arrangements. 


   Up to 14  panels (each is 2 1/2 feet wide and between 6-8 feet tall) filled with gathered lace or sheer white fabric. Adorned in your personal color scheme with tulle, greenery and floral. Matching floral stands with custom arrangements on each side. Backlighting added to this backdrop. Backlights available in your choice of colors for an additional charge.

   Brown lattice panels AND/OR Brown lattice arch and fencing. Can be designed for a western themed wedding. Cute log fence, lots of accent decorations. Matching brown lattice floral stands.

   New to our collection. Black wrought iron arch with gate. Wrought iron screen side panels (with candles) Cake backdrop with lights (not pictured). Matching floral stands. Large and small black urns containing green plants and floral arrangements to match your color scheme. (More pictures coming soon).




  3 white wrought iron arches to choose from. Plant stands with floral can be used to adorn each side. White wrought iron gazebo with chandelier and/or twinkle lights. White wrought iron panels. Large and small white urns with green plants and floral arrangements.

   3 white doors with center mirrors. These can stand alone as a small backdrop or can be combined with other pieces (columns, panels, lattice, etc.) for additional length. Can also be used behind cake or punch fountain. Custom decorated for your event.


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